Biliran Waterfalls

These are just some of the many waterfalls in my home island of Biliran.

Ulan-Ulan Falls | Sampao, Almeria Biliran

This is my favorite. It’s just a few (15-30) minutes hike from Barangay Sampao, Almeria proper. There are two falls below it  (Sampawan and Cinaraha) and at least one (Recoletos) above it. It is said that there are several more as you go up the mountain but I have not seen them yet.


Below is a typical sight on the way to the falls.biliran2014-10

Recoletos Falls | Sampao, Almeria, Biliran

This is the falls right above Ulan-ulan. This is more conducive for swimming at it has some sort of a pool area. Aside from being very cold, the water is also deep so non-swimmers beware.almeria2013-0714

Bagongbong Falls | Caucab, Almeria, Biliran

This beautiful and hidden falls is 15-30 mins away from Brgy. Caucab proper. If you’re lucky, sometimes monkeys can be seen on the vegetation above the falls.biliran2014-76

Tinago Falls | Caibiran, Biliran

This is the most accessible falls in the island as there’s already a concrete road leading directly to the falls. biliran2014-120

Kinaraha Cascades | Caibiran, Biliran

A series of cascades or mini-pools one can leisurely swim in. biliran2014-131

There are a lot more falls (Pondol, Tomalistis, Casiawan, Kasabangan, etc) that either I have no picture yet or I haven’t been to. I will try to cover them in succeeding entries.


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